The Upper Limit

CBCN New York's News Leader

June 4th, Evening Traffic Report

“It’s a terrible accident here in Duffy Square at the intersections of 7th and 47th and 47th and Broadway. Five vehicles were involved and as you can see, two of them caught fire and have only in the past couple of minutes finally been put out by the fire department.

So far there have been two confirmed fatalities and seven injuries, all of them currently en-route to the hospital."

in the background: “What’s that?” “Where?” “Up there!”

The reporter glances upwards and suddenly gasps. The camera spins around and pans up past the sky-scrapers to show an object like a large fighter-jet hovering over the New York City skyline and what appears to be a man wearing a jet-pack rocketing up towards it.

“Uh- we appear to be witnessing yet another strange occurrence here in New York City. We can only pray this won’t be as catastrophic as yesterdays events.”

A couple of moments pass as the camera zooms-in and refocuses on the aircraft and the man sets down on one of its wings. The image begins to blur slightly and haze over a bit, and the audio skips in and out for a couple of moments before rather suddenly everything clicks back into sharp focus and the craft begins simply plummeting out of the sky in a tail-spin directly towards the camera.

“I-it appears that the craft is coming down. In fact it looks very much like it’s going to crash… directly into us. We need to start going rig-”

*Suddenly a figure clothed from head-to-toe in armor with six large, splaying wings and a flaming sword darts in front of the craft and begins trying to push it back up, but to no avail. And less than a moment later a huge net of blackish, smokey substance stretches itself across the entire area above the square. Another man reaches off from the side of one of the buildings just as the ship is about to crash into the net and he is hurled upwards and lands in the net as well. With the force of the impact the net stretches downwards and screams begin erupting in the background as the camera is jostled—presumably by several people running past.

But after a moment the net swings back upwards, settling into a more natural position between the buildings. The two figures in the net with the ship seem to struggle with it—though it is difficult to see what’s happening—for a couple of moments. Then the edges of the net detach themselves from the buildings, coming together over the captured ship to form a pouch of sorts, and the entire thing begins floating away to the north-east.*

“Well, we have certainly seen something monumental just now. Whether this is some strange misunderstanding, a malfunctioning piece of equipment, or another step towards conflict with this new, alien presence we are yet to see. I’m Kevin Heartlen. Now back to the studio.”



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