The Upper Limit

RT News Video

June 7th, 13:13 Local Time

“Several reports have come in from astronomers and other sky-gazers across western China and south-western Mongolia of a strange object falling from the sky. One man managed to catch this video and immediately sent it in to local news and authorities.”

A slightly unfocused clip about 2 seconds long plays of someone following the trajectory of what looks to be a falling meteorite crashing into a distant desert landscape.

“About three minutes later the same man captured the following video.”

A similarly unfocused clip shows the same camera still focused on the same distant desert landscape when suddenly something rather large flies upwards past the view of the camera, and a moment later something else darts up in a zig-zagging pattern and then darts back down again.

“Chinese officials claim that the nature of the incident is still being investigated, and that the details are too sensitive to release at this time. However, one young, Chinese astronomer saw the thing flying back up into the sky and tracked it with his telescope. He claims to have, after following the thing, with some difficulty, to the moon that he was able to capture the following on video.”

*In a nearly bird’s-eye view of the surface of the moon, at a point where the difference between the light and dark sides can be seen in frame, the video shows a large space shuttle moving away from a large crater where four large figures can be seen—all of them looking very much like the Giant Monster caught on film 13 years prior. The telescope does not seem to be powerful enough to catch the closer details, but it is apparent that several much smaller figures, the size of humans, are doing battle with three of the beasts—the forth of which lies limp on the ground.

The battle is a little difficult to follow despite a constant stream of lasers from at least one of the humans. Still, he is able to catch at one point one of the monsters causing a veritable tidal-wave of dirt, dust, and sand that looks as though it should nearly have buried all of the humans. After a bit more, finally one of the beasts falls followed shortly by one beginning to thrash about oddly, then suddenly launching itself off the surface of the moon and out of frame. A couple of moments later the one remaining on the surface of the moon is finally defeated.*

“The video continues, but out of respect for possibly sensitive information we are withholding showing it until proper authorities can be contacted.”



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