The Upper Limit

The Public Eye

What the Public Knew

In the latter half of the 20th century people began emerging across the world with super-human powers. The rate at which people were developing these powers was increasing at an alarming rate until in 2010 most high population high schools likely had at least one student with some sort of abilities, whether or not he or she was open with them or not.

In the summer of 2010 there was a bank robbery in which a pair of individuals with super-human powers were seen taking the situation into their own hands and stopping the robbery with deadly force. The Boston Police Department’s Super-Human Division began an inquiry into the events of that day. About two weeks later beloved philanthropist Jason Dumas was found dead in his apartment and rumors of foul play and connections to the bank robbery spread around the city and the country. However, the details of the investigation remained undisclosed.

A month later Boston Police Department action lead to the shutting-down of the kidnapping, murder, and illegal experimentation ring of Dr. Batini. More rumors of connections between this case and those of the Dumas murder and the mysterious bank vigilantes continued to spread despite police efforts to keep the ongoing investigations under wraps.

Later that week a series of bombings around the city of Boston took the city by shock. A ship exploded in the Boston harbor, two suburban homes were obliterated by inflammatory bombs, one of which belonged to medical student Candice “Lulu” Luparc, a recent recipient of the Dumas Scholarship for Superhuman Students. The next day another attack was made on a suburban home, though deputies of the Boston Police Department Super-Human Division were present during the incident and were able to prevent civilian injuries and apprehend the perpetrator. An interview with a civilian woman from the scene spread the news that “a man covered in fire” had been the perpetrator apprehended.

A few days later armed militants attacked the Boston City Mall and were thwarted by the same members of the BPD Super-Human Division. On-lookers reported seeing an enormous man who reeked of formaldehyde, two women with guns, a teenage girl shooting ice from her hands, a man who could throw lightning, and a pair of what looked like average college students fight with a team of men with automatic weapons. The fight, which took place in the mall’s food court, was short-lived, and was quickly cleaned-up after.

One month later, in early august, hand-held video footage from citizens of St Petersburg Russia began flooding the internet and world news channels of an enormous monster rampaging through the streets of downtown. One video caught the image of a man flying through the sky in a white lab coat above it, and another caught the monster burrow through the concrete of a city street in less than a second, then reach its neck down and snatch something up before simply leaping straight up and out of sight into the sky.

One week later seven people were awarded the Presidential Citizen’s Medal on national television. Among them were a strange looking man, a man in a white lab coat, a high school age girl, a middle-aged woman, a woman in her late twenties, and two college-age individuals, one male one female. President Obama announced that these awards were being given in light of “heroic deeds on behalf of the humanity.”

None of the details from the investigations in Boston have ever been officially released in the thirteen years since.



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