The Upper Limit

The Skies of the World

An event witnessed by eveyone on earth.

At 10:00 a.m. Eastern U.S. time (GMT -5), large extra-terrestrial crafts descended into Earth’s atmosphere over 26 cities around the world. The crafts were approximately 10 miles in radius and cylindrical in shape. Each of the crafts fired a single blast of incredible energy into a single cultural area in the city, incinerating everything around it. Then, every person on the planet earth heard the following message communicated to them telepathically.

People of the planet Earth, you harbor a fugitive of eternal justice. Surrender the fugitive or be eradicated. You have thirty five rotations of your planet to comply. These demonstrations are merely a warning.

At this, each of the ships ascended out of atmosphere and took up positions in deep orbit. The cities and locations affected were as follows:

Tokyo, Japan – Shinjyuku Gyoen National Garden

Guangzhou, China – Canton Tower

Seoul, South Korea – Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Delhi, India – Red Fort

Mumbai, India – Kamla Nehru Park

Mexico City, Mexico – Palacio de Bellas Artes

New York City, United States – Central Park

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Liberdade

Manila, Philippines – Fort Santiago

Shanghai, China – Shanghai Circus World

Jakarta, Indonesia – Sunda Kelapa

Los Angeles, United States – Universal Studios

Karachi, Pakistan – Mahata Palace

Osaka, Japan – Osaka Castle Park

Kolkata, India – Victoria Memorial House

Cairo, Egypt – The Great Pyramids

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Temaiken Park

Moscow, Russia – Red Square

Dhaka, Bangladesh – New Market

Beijing, China – The Great Wall of China

Tehran, Iran – Golestan Palace

Istanbul, Turkey – Basilica Cistern

London, England – Big Ben

Rio de Janeiro – Santa Theresa

Lagos, Nigeria – Meia Praia

Paris, France – Versailles

These constitute every city on earth with a population of over 10 million.



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