The Upper Limit

The Streets of New York

The Events of 6/3/23 via CNN Coverage

“…And now we go to Cathleen Tran, our on-scene reporter at the New York protests. Cathleen, you’ve been out there for over an hour now, ever since the protesters first began gathering in Central Park, and we can see that there’s a pretty big crowd out there now; can you tell us how things have been unfolding?”

“It’s quite a sight, James. Just last night, when word first got around that stock market prices were dropping by such unprecedented amounts did people begin talking about having this protest. People began organizing on almost every social media site, people who were fed up with the abuses of wall-street executives and traders that have, for the fourth time in forty years, lead this country into a recession.”

“So, you’re telling us, Cathleen, that this is, indeed, a recession?”

“That’s certainly the opinion of the people here, James, and it’s amazing how many of them there are. At seven o’clock only around a thousand people had turned out for this protest, but now, at nearly eight, I can hardly tell how far the crowd goes. We’ve been hearing speeches from a number of people, and honestly the excitement of the crowd has been growing with it’s size.”

On screen Cathleen turns to look at the crowd of people as she notices that the crowd is beginning to move.

“Now, the crowd looks like it’s moving here. It’s hard to say what’s about to happen. Rumors have been going around that this protest was going to march from here to Wall Street, but from the officers I’ve spoken to here I’ve learned that there is, in fact, no permit for this gathering that would allow it, by New York city law, to march. … We appear to be heading south towards fifth avenue. It is starting to look like this protest may, in fact, march the length of Manhattan from Central Park to Wall Street.”

“If there is no permit for this march, Cathleen, do you think the authorities will intervene?”

“It’s hard to say, at this point. The police force that had arrived to police the protest in the park was quickly overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, and they have not made any effort to stop this as of yet. But wait, I can see…” The camera pans away from her to shoot down 5th avenue to a police barricade where a line of officers in riot gear are waiting in front of a pair of SWAT vans. “It looks like the crowd is coming up on a barricade now. Everyone appears to be hesitating. …”

There is a flash of light near the front of the crowd. And less than a moment later a man in jeans and a jacket, holding a megaphone appears on top of one of the police vans. He begins speaking to the crowd, though it’s impossible to hear what he’s saying through the camera.

“This is beginning to get very intense, James. There’s something going on towards the front of the crowd, and a man has just gotten up on one of the police vans with a mega phone. I can’t quite make out what’s being said over the crowd, but it looks as though one of the police officers is trying to get him to come down. I believe tha-”

A blast like a shot-gun is heard and the crowd erupts in motion and screaming. The camera swings wildly and points towards the ground for a couple of moments before it captures Cathleen and the camera-woman ducking into an alleyway. Quietly, the TV audience hears Cathleen say: “Naiome, can you get this? Quick, there!”

The camera swings back up and catches a crowd of people running away from a line of twelve men in full combat armor and visors. They are carrying shotguns and assault rifles. A web of black energy suddenly engulfs one of the armed men, throwing him to the ground and binding him there. The one behind him leaps past the fallen man and grabs a preteen girl away from her mother and father. His comrades fan out in either direction, setting up defensive positions around the one with the girl. A glowing net with a long tether that goes off-screen suddenly snares the girl and wrenches her out of the man’s hands.

There is an incredible flash of light from amidst the scene and a young man appears holding a sword. Though he is stark naked, the other figures block any disturbing revelations. Two loud pops ring out as a pair of tear-gas canisters land amidst the men and the crowd, quickly obscuring the area. Suddenly two men surrounded and tethered by a blueish, glowing field of energy come on screen and dash into the cloud of gas. A woman can also be seen in the background jogging into the area and being obscured by the smoke. A few people duck out of the gas, coughing and stumbling as they try to get away from what’s going on. Suddenly there is a scream, as if from a young girl. Almost simultaneously a huge, translucent figure like a thirty foot tall doll rises out of the tear-gas and lets forth an ear-splitting screech. The camera begins shaking and there are more screams.

The audience can hear Cathleen scream “Naiome run!”

The camera hits the ground, but continues running. The enormous, translucent being is no longer on screen, but the camera does catch a blur of motion shooting upwards out of the tear gas cloud. The sounds of shot-gun blasts, fully automatic rifle fire, and yelling fill the air for about thirty seconds. There is the sound of a pop from far away, and a moment or two later the smoke begins to clear. A large number of bodies lie on the ground, many of them with strange black webs holding them down, one of them fairly near the camera with his head twisted unnaturally. James’ voice cuts in “Cut that camera feed!” In the last brief moment before the CNN news feed cuts back to its news room, a quintet of figures walk into frame, their backs turned toward the camera.

Later that day, CNN issued an official apology for airing the disturbing footage which, it claims, has now been confiscated by the authorities.



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