Rank (Last Known): Angel (No Assigned Archangel)


B’Hatzel and Angels
B’Hatzel was named in the early sixth century as an angel to guard the tomb of a knight by the name of Galahad. Angels, you see, aren’t born as you and I are. Rather, they are made and take on the name of their predecessor (there have been 3 "Azazel"s, for instance). The worst thing heaven can do to an angel is to strip him of his name without giving him a new one. Some such fallen angels take on new names that mock the characteristic names of heaven (Samael being a prime example). The best thing heaven can do is to elevate an angel’s name in honor of the accomplishments of the current holder.

B’Hatzel’s Duty
B’Hatzel (or “In the shadow of God”) was given his name due to his job that kept him out of sight of the mortal world. B’Hatzel felt justifiably shunned, but did his duty and guarded the tomb for nearly 1500 years, possessing intruders and turning them away. A fateful day arrived, however, that a young man by the name of Lance McKendree ventured into the tomb. His uncle was an archaeologist and Lance often helped him on their expeditions when school was out. As B’Hatzel was about to possess the young boy, a group of people attacked the camp for ransom. Lance grabbed the only weapon he could find, the legendary Sword of Galahad to which B’Hatzel was bound.

The Conception
The two suddenly crossed souls seemed to resonate on a deep level, and B’Hatzel made the fateful choice of granting the holy power of the sword to the young boy to save his uncle. Ever since, B’Hatzel has watched over Lance as his mentor, guardian, and companion. The powerful connection between the two enables him to merge with Lance for a limited amount of time in the form of the ascended human they have nicknamed “Dies Irae”.

The Birth
B’Hatzel and Lance disappeared during a mission. Their current whereabouts are unknown.


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