Candice "Lulu" Luparc

Med student; Doctor of Arcane Studies; Werewolf


Candice met Jason Dumas through his scholarship program. During the summer of 2010 she spent much of her time working with Lance McKendree/“Dies Irae”, Sarah Lancaster, and several others under the guidance of Mr. Dumas.

Since his death, the incident in St Petersburg, and receiving the Presidents’ Citizens Medal, she has finished medical school, and earned a doctorate of Arcane Studies under the tutelage of her old friend Lance.

Shortly after Lance disappeared in 2020, though before his disappearance became well known, Candice went missing for nearly two weeks. When she resurfaced she swore to her friends and co-workers that she could not talk about either subject in detail.

This character was originally a player character, but is considered an NPC for the second act of the story.

Candice "Lulu" Luparc

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