Dr. Batini

Brilliant Scientist, Terrible Humanitarian


Dr. Charlie Batini was a scientist and practitioner of the arcane arts. He discovered a method by which to combine magic and technology in an intimate and revolutionary fashion that has changed industry around the world in less than a decade.

However, Dr. Batini used this technology to ill ends. Though these details were never publicly released, he was working on building and training a small army of cybernetic soldiers made from the corpses of kidnapped victims and incredibly advanced combat technology. Fortunately his plan was thwarted by the efforts of the Boston Police Department.

Never the less, he is still credited as the Father of Magi-Tech, ‘magi-tech’ being the popularized name for magically enhanced technology. Thanks to his work more people in developed countries study the arcane now as a practical route to a middle-class job rather than as an occult hobby.

Dr. Batini

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