Dr. Mutwali


Navan Mutwali is a short woman, only a few inches over five feet tall, and is fairly slender. She dresses well, often in a slacks and a silk blouse when she’s not wearing a suit – though she always wears a hijab (head-scarf). Even though she is fourty-two years old (in June, 2023) she does not appear to be a day over 29.


The following biographical information about Dr. Navan Mutwali can be found on the internet:

Born in Israel May of 1981, Navan Mutwali was incredibly bright from a very young age. When she was only seven years old her parents moved to London to follow her father’s work. She grew up mostly in London, and her grades in school continued to rise. She graduated first of her class from a well respected public school (what the English call the equivalent of American ‘private’ schools) and went on to receive a double-first in criminal justice and sociology from Oxford followed immediately by masters and doctorate degrees from the same in sociology.

Dr. Mutwali then moved back to her native Israel for a year before she became an attache to the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. She held this position for two years, living in New York city during the time and earning a degree in international law from the Colombia University Law program. Dr. Mutwali then began working for the Israeli government as the legal adviser to their ambassador to the United States.

In December of 2001, two months after the September 11th attacks, Dr. Mutwali was removed from her position after antagonizing a U.S. Marine Corps Captain into attacking her. The details of the incident have been declared classified, and news agencies miraculously learned little to nothing of it. The next years of Navan Mutwali’s life are largely unknown, but in early 2006 she published a book entitled اتضاع (Translation: Humility) in which she criticized Islamic extremist groups for misinterpreting the Koran, leading the Islamic World into a dark and evil time, and oppressing several social groups including women and homosexuals. The book, published in Israel, was reacted to with a great deal of hostility, and the publishing company discontinued the book after receiving several threats.

Dr. Mutwali was reinstated in 2009 into her position as legal adviser to the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, the same year that she received a PHD in criminal justice from Oxford. She has kept the position as legal adviser since, and has been awarded two honorary PHDs, one in Psychology and the other in Arcane Studies following a pair of books she published in 2011 and 2015.

Dr. Mutwali

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