Jason Dumas

Genius, Entrepernuer, Philanthropist


Jason Dumas was from an average middle class American family. He was an incredibly intelligent individual and took to nearly every interest to which he turned his mind, including the future. While studying for his MBA, Jason learned that he had a power of foresight, and used it – somewhat underhandedly he admitted later in life – to make a fast fortune trading stocks. However, even at the time he intended to do great things with his fortune, and aside from creating his own stock trading firm, began dedicating nearly 90% of his personal income to charitable causes around the world.

Despite Dumas’ alarming level of philanthropy, he still managed to live like a millionaire with a very large apartment at the top of a fancy Boston hotel.

One of the causes to which Dumas put his money was to the growing cause of civil rights regarding super-human abilities. He created a scholarship fund for super-human students, put money into lobbying for more humane treatment of super-humans in courts, and was known to even meet personally with the recipients of his scholarship to encourage them to achieve great things.

Sadly, on Tuesday July 17th 2010, Jason Dumas was found in his apartment dead. The investigation into his death was never closed, and rumors circulated briefly around the Boston Police Department and several internet forums about very odd signs of battle inside the apartment, but the details of the case have never been officially released. On July 19th 2010 an open-casket funeral was held with nearly 300 people in attendance.

Jason Dumas

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