Retired Exorcist; Recovering Cleptomaniac


About six feet tall, Keith is lanky, but in fairly good shape. He tends to wear a suit now-a-days, but he wears it like someone who’s not really used to doing so. He has a fairly laid-back demeanor that’s been slowly being replaced by the somewhat more tight-lipped and straight-laced attitude of someone who is constantly feeling overworked and busy.


Not very many people know much about Keith’s past except that he used to work as a professional exorcist and had a real serious problem with stealing things. He’s gotten better though, and he’s gotten a new job since then. Those who work with him know that he’s the operating head of the United Nations Ministry of Defense, or UNMD. His primary responsibility is handling the ministry’s field agents. He recruits new agents, gives agents assignments, and handles debriefings and other such procedures when necessary.


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