Lance McKendree/"Dies Irae"

Weilder of the Sword of Galahad


Lance McKendree was a bored child. He lived in a normal house with a normal family. He ate normal food and had normal vacations. In fact, the only part of his life in which he found excitement was when his uncle came to visit. Lance’s uncle, Brian McKendree, was a renowned archaeologist who would fascinate young Lance with stories of ancient civilizations and near-misses with local bandits that frequented the turbulent areas he chose to call his work sites. Lance became especially entranced by the tales of the ancient magics and rituals that his uncle would describe. It was only natural that when Lance became old enough, his uncle finally caved and brought Lance with him to some of his digs.
It was on one such dig that fate intervened. Lance’s uncle had been very careful in choosing his dig sites, but one was just too great to pass up. A small mountain in the middle east near Jerusalem had been found to contain a series of rooms, though the entrance eluded his team. Too excited to leave the site, Lance’s uncle invited him to the dig.
Lance was a bit luckier than his uncle’s other help. He managed to find the entrance to the building as a group of bandits attacked. He could hear the yelling outside and reached for the first thing he could use as a weapon, an old sword. As he gripped the blade, it began to shine like a torch. This was no ordinary building, it was a tomb. It was a tomb to a great knight, Sir Galahad, and Lance was now holding his sword. He could feel new energy rushing through him as he stepped back to the surface and used his newfound power to run off the bandits.
The angel who was bound to the sword showed his face after the battle. He introduced himself as B’Hatzel and ever since the two have shared an indeliable bond. Lance has spent his time since with a renewed interest in the arcane and academics, hoping to use his power for the good of mankind. It wasn’t long after returning to the states that he discovered he could meld with his divine companion to become the entity of immense holy might now known as “Dies Irae”.

The Aftermath
As Lance looked back on his efforts against what he simply refers to as “The Beast”, he has begun to mature and change. He tracked down the families of the security personnel killed in the bank robbery and made it his personal goal to help them in whatever way he could. His work as a UNMC agent, however, came first. It’s been a hard lesson to learn that even someone so devoted is still only human.

The Conception
On a mission for the UNMC, Lance disappeared. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Lance McKendree/"Dies Irae"

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