Mysterious CIA operative


Standing about 5’7", Meredith would not have a very imposing or menacing figure if not for the fact that she is always clad in leather pants, boots, and jacket and that she tends to wear a somewhat dangerous expression.


Meredith attended high school with Lance, but due to an unusual aptitude in covert operations was recruited by the CIA at the age of 16. Not much record remains in the year 2023 of Meredith’s background before that, or of her activities since.

However, those who work with her know that she is one of the logistical heads of the United Nations Ministry of Defense or UNMD. She handles the operation of the ministry on an internal basis, making sure that research teams, support networks, and the like get to where they need to be by the time they need to and in the fashion that will work best.

Those who know this likely also know that she is still an active agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, though none of her activities with the agency have been declassified in the nearly two decades she has worked with them. This is part of how she works to establish alternate identities for UNMD agents.


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