Sarah Lancaster

Super human; scholarship recipient; knitting badass


Sarah Lancaster stood approximately five foot nine inches tall. She had pale skin and blond hair on a fairly slender frame.


Sarah was a fairly average high school student until the age of seventeen, at which time she picked up knitting and discovered that she could create incredibly complex and mind-bogglingly sturdy objects in a fraction of a second by knitting them. Not long after this discovery Sarah began developing an ability for speed reading that was unmatched by some of the world’s greatest speed readers to date. By the time she was finishing her bachelor’s degree in philosophy Sarah could also run much faster than normal humans as well.

Sarah decided to go on to get her doctorate, but needed extra money to help pay the bill. She heard about the scholarship fund created for super-humans by Jason Dumas and decided to apply. She was accepted for the scholarship, and became good friends with the philanthropist late in the spring of 2010. Unfortunately, when Dumas was found dead in his apartment, another body was found that DNA tests showed was Sarah Lancaster (Police never released the precise cause of death, but did release that she was murdered.)

Those who knew Sarah in her last months of life know that she had power well beyond her magical knitting abilities, and her speed with books and on foot. Alas, her various skills and powers seem to have failed her in the end.

Sarah Lancaster

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