The Upper Limit

The Public Eye
What the Public Knew

In the latter half of the 20th century people began emerging across the world with super-human powers. The rate at which people were developing these powers was increasing at an alarming rate until in 2010 most high population high schools likely had at least one student with some sort of abilities, whether or not he or she was open with them or not.

In the summer of 2010 there was a bank robbery in which a pair of individuals with super-human powers were seen taking the situation into their own hands and stopping the robbery with deadly force. The Boston Police Department’s Super-Human Division began an inquiry into the events of that day. About two weeks later beloved philanthropist Jason Dumas was found dead in his apartment and rumors of foul play and connections to the bank robbery spread around the city and the country. However, the details of the investigation remained undisclosed.

A month later Boston Police Department action lead to the shutting-down of the kidnapping, murder, and illegal experimentation ring of Dr. Batini. More rumors of connections between this case and those of the Dumas murder and the mysterious bank vigilantes continued to spread despite police efforts to keep the ongoing investigations under wraps.

Later that week a series of bombings around the city of Boston took the city by shock. A ship exploded in the Boston harbor, two suburban homes were obliterated by inflammatory bombs, one of which belonged to medical student Candice “Lulu” Luparc, a recent recipient of the Dumas Scholarship for Superhuman Students. The next day another attack was made on a suburban home, though deputies of the Boston Police Department Super-Human Division were present during the incident and were able to prevent civilian injuries and apprehend the perpetrator. An interview with a civilian woman from the scene spread the news that “a man covered in fire” had been the perpetrator apprehended.

A few days later armed militants attacked the Boston City Mall and were thwarted by the same members of the BPD Super-Human Division. On-lookers reported seeing an enormous man who reeked of formaldehyde, two women with guns, a teenage girl shooting ice from her hands, a man who could throw lightning, and a pair of what looked like average college students fight with a team of men with automatic weapons. The fight, which took place in the mall’s food court, was short-lived, and was quickly cleaned-up after.

One month later, in early august, hand-held video footage from citizens of St Petersburg Russia began flooding the internet and world news channels of an enormous monster rampaging through the streets of downtown. One video caught the image of a man flying through the sky in a white lab coat above it, and another caught the monster burrow through the concrete of a city street in less than a second, then reach its neck down and snatch something up before simply leaping straight up and out of sight into the sky.

One week later seven people were awarded the Presidential Citizen’s Medal on national television. Among them were a strange looking man, a man in a white lab coat, a high school age girl, a middle-aged woman, a woman in her late twenties, and two college-age individuals, one male one female. President Obama announced that these awards were being given in light of “heroic deeds on behalf of the humanity.”

None of the details from the investigations in Boston have ever been officially released in the thirteen years since.

The Streets of New York
The Events of 6/3/23 via CNN Coverage

“…And now we go to Cathleen Tran, our on-scene reporter at the New York protests. Cathleen, you’ve been out there for over an hour now, ever since the protesters first began gathering in Central Park, and we can see that there’s a pretty big crowd out there now; can you tell us how things have been unfolding?”

“It’s quite a sight, James. Just last night, when word first got around that stock market prices were dropping by such unprecedented amounts did people begin talking about having this protest. People began organizing on almost every social media site, people who were fed up with the abuses of wall-street executives and traders that have, for the fourth time in forty years, lead this country into a recession.”

“So, you’re telling us, Cathleen, that this is, indeed, a recession?”

“That’s certainly the opinion of the people here, James, and it’s amazing how many of them there are. At seven o’clock only around a thousand people had turned out for this protest, but now, at nearly eight, I can hardly tell how far the crowd goes. We’ve been hearing speeches from a number of people, and honestly the excitement of the crowd has been growing with it’s size.”

On screen Cathleen turns to look at the crowd of people as she notices that the crowd is beginning to move.

“Now, the crowd looks like it’s moving here. It’s hard to say what’s about to happen. Rumors have been going around that this protest was going to march from here to Wall Street, but from the officers I’ve spoken to here I’ve learned that there is, in fact, no permit for this gathering that would allow it, by New York city law, to march. … We appear to be heading south towards fifth avenue. It is starting to look like this protest may, in fact, march the length of Manhattan from Central Park to Wall Street.”

“If there is no permit for this march, Cathleen, do you think the authorities will intervene?”

“It’s hard to say, at this point. The police force that had arrived to police the protest in the park was quickly overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, and they have not made any effort to stop this as of yet. But wait, I can see…” The camera pans away from her to shoot down 5th avenue to a police barricade where a line of officers in riot gear are waiting in front of a pair of SWAT vans. “It looks like the crowd is coming up on a barricade now. Everyone appears to be hesitating. …”

There is a flash of light near the front of the crowd. And less than a moment later a man in jeans and a jacket, holding a megaphone appears on top of one of the police vans. He begins speaking to the crowd, though it’s impossible to hear what he’s saying through the camera.

“This is beginning to get very intense, James. There’s something going on towards the front of the crowd, and a man has just gotten up on one of the police vans with a mega phone. I can’t quite make out what’s being said over the crowd, but it looks as though one of the police officers is trying to get him to come down. I believe tha-”

A blast like a shot-gun is heard and the crowd erupts in motion and screaming. The camera swings wildly and points towards the ground for a couple of moments before it captures Cathleen and the camera-woman ducking into an alleyway. Quietly, the TV audience hears Cathleen say: “Naiome, can you get this? Quick, there!”

The camera swings back up and catches a crowd of people running away from a line of twelve men in full combat armor and visors. They are carrying shotguns and assault rifles. A web of black energy suddenly engulfs one of the armed men, throwing him to the ground and binding him there. The one behind him leaps past the fallen man and grabs a preteen girl away from her mother and father. His comrades fan out in either direction, setting up defensive positions around the one with the girl. A glowing net with a long tether that goes off-screen suddenly snares the girl and wrenches her out of the man’s hands.

There is an incredible flash of light from amidst the scene and a young man appears holding a sword. Though he is stark naked, the other figures block any disturbing revelations. Two loud pops ring out as a pair of tear-gas canisters land amidst the men and the crowd, quickly obscuring the area. Suddenly two men surrounded and tethered by a blueish, glowing field of energy come on screen and dash into the cloud of gas. A woman can also be seen in the background jogging into the area and being obscured by the smoke. A few people duck out of the gas, coughing and stumbling as they try to get away from what’s going on. Suddenly there is a scream, as if from a young girl. Almost simultaneously a huge, translucent figure like a thirty foot tall doll rises out of the tear-gas and lets forth an ear-splitting screech. The camera begins shaking and there are more screams.

The audience can hear Cathleen scream “Naiome run!”

The camera hits the ground, but continues running. The enormous, translucent being is no longer on screen, but the camera does catch a blur of motion shooting upwards out of the tear gas cloud. The sounds of shot-gun blasts, fully automatic rifle fire, and yelling fill the air for about thirty seconds. There is the sound of a pop from far away, and a moment or two later the smoke begins to clear. A large number of bodies lie on the ground, many of them with strange black webs holding them down, one of them fairly near the camera with his head twisted unnaturally. James’ voice cuts in “Cut that camera feed!” In the last brief moment before the CNN news feed cuts back to its news room, a quintet of figures walk into frame, their backs turned toward the camera.

Later that day, CNN issued an official apology for airing the disturbing footage which, it claims, has now been confiscated by the authorities.

The Skies of the World
An event witnessed by eveyone on earth.

At 10:00 a.m. Eastern U.S. time (GMT -5), large extra-terrestrial crafts descended into Earth’s atmosphere over 26 cities around the world. The crafts were approximately 10 miles in radius and cylindrical in shape. Each of the crafts fired a single blast of incredible energy into a single cultural area in the city, incinerating everything around it. Then, every person on the planet earth heard the following message communicated to them telepathically.

People of the planet Earth, you harbor a fugitive of eternal justice. Surrender the fugitive or be eradicated. You have thirty five rotations of your planet to comply. These demonstrations are merely a warning.

At this, each of the ships ascended out of atmosphere and took up positions in deep orbit. The cities and locations affected were as follows:

Tokyo, Japan – Shinjyuku Gyoen National Garden

Guangzhou, China – Canton Tower

Seoul, South Korea – Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Delhi, India – Red Fort

Mumbai, India – Kamla Nehru Park

Mexico City, Mexico – Palacio de Bellas Artes

New York City, United States – Central Park

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Liberdade

Manila, Philippines – Fort Santiago

Shanghai, China – Shanghai Circus World

Jakarta, Indonesia – Sunda Kelapa

Los Angeles, United States – Universal Studios

Karachi, Pakistan – Mahata Palace

Osaka, Japan – Osaka Castle Park

Kolkata, India – Victoria Memorial House

Cairo, Egypt – The Great Pyramids

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Temaiken Park

Moscow, Russia – Red Square

Dhaka, Bangladesh – New Market

Beijing, China – The Great Wall of China

Tehran, Iran – Golestan Palace

Istanbul, Turkey – Basilica Cistern

London, England – Big Ben

Rio de Janeiro – Santa Theresa

Lagos, Nigeria – Meia Praia

Paris, France – Versailles

These constitute every city on earth with a population of over 10 million.

Pentagon Emergencies
Another CNN Report June 4th, Evening

“In other news, reports spread out across the DC area earlier today when the Pentagon’s security systems were activated and the entire facility went into a hard lock-down.

Eye-witness reports from by-standards say that quite suddenly, at about 10:15 this early, Sunday morning, red emergency lights on the outside of the building clicked on along with a siren. However, after ten minutes the sirens and lights were both deactivated and business seemed to return to usual.

It is known that the president was in the building at the time, and sources informed us that the prime ministers of Great Britain and Israel were seen entering the building earlier that morning as well, but CNN has yet to confirm whether they were also present at the time of the alarms. Despite all the commotion caused by the alarms, Pentagon officials claim that it was merely a bomb-threat drill and assured us that responses were quick, and by-the-books—and that the entire drill was successfully completed in record time. No comment was made regarding the presence, absence, or condition of any heads of state."

American Idol XXII Tryouts
A Live Broadcast Approx. June 4th, 4:15 p.m. Central Standard

Judge 1: “That was absolutely attrocious. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone sing so poorly in my life.”

Judge 2: “You seem to have a lot of voice control, but I just have to say that there are some people born with a voice for singing and some people who aren’t.”

Judge 3: “Yeah, that really—”


Judge 3: “WOAH!” crash

Contestant: “What the-!?”

Judge 1: “What the hell was that?”

Judge 2: “My god, are you alright?”

Judge 3: “Augh! I hit my ****ing head!”


CBCN New York's News Leader
June 4th, Evening Traffic Report

“It’s a terrible accident here in Duffy Square at the intersections of 7th and 47th and 47th and Broadway. Five vehicles were involved and as you can see, two of them caught fire and have only in the past couple of minutes finally been put out by the fire department.

So far there have been two confirmed fatalities and seven injuries, all of them currently en-route to the hospital."

in the background: “What’s that?” “Where?” “Up there!”

The reporter glances upwards and suddenly gasps. The camera spins around and pans up past the sky-scrapers to show an object like a large fighter-jet hovering over the New York City skyline and what appears to be a man wearing a jet-pack rocketing up towards it.

“Uh- we appear to be witnessing yet another strange occurrence here in New York City. We can only pray this won’t be as catastrophic as yesterdays events.”

A couple of moments pass as the camera zooms-in and refocuses on the aircraft and the man sets down on one of its wings. The image begins to blur slightly and haze over a bit, and the audio skips in and out for a couple of moments before rather suddenly everything clicks back into sharp focus and the craft begins simply plummeting out of the sky in a tail-spin directly towards the camera.

“I-it appears that the craft is coming down. In fact it looks very much like it’s going to crash… directly into us. We need to start going rig-”

*Suddenly a figure clothed from head-to-toe in armor with six large, splaying wings and a flaming sword darts in front of the craft and begins trying to push it back up, but to no avail. And less than a moment later a huge net of blackish, smokey substance stretches itself across the entire area above the square. Another man reaches off from the side of one of the buildings just as the ship is about to crash into the net and he is hurled upwards and lands in the net as well. With the force of the impact the net stretches downwards and screams begin erupting in the background as the camera is jostled—presumably by several people running past.

But after a moment the net swings back upwards, settling into a more natural position between the buildings. The two figures in the net with the ship seem to struggle with it—though it is difficult to see what’s happening—for a couple of moments. Then the edges of the net detach themselves from the buildings, coming together over the captured ship to form a pouch of sorts, and the entire thing begins floating away to the north-east.*

“Well, we have certainly seen something monumental just now. Whether this is some strange misunderstanding, a malfunctioning piece of equipment, or another step towards conflict with this new, alien presence we are yet to see. I’m Kevin Heartlen. Now back to the studio.”

RT News Video
June 7th, 13:13 Local Time

“Several reports have come in from astronomers and other sky-gazers across western China and south-western Mongolia of a strange object falling from the sky. One man managed to catch this video and immediately sent it in to local news and authorities.”

A slightly unfocused clip about 2 seconds long plays of someone following the trajectory of what looks to be a falling meteorite crashing into a distant desert landscape.

“About three minutes later the same man captured the following video.”

A similarly unfocused clip shows the same camera still focused on the same distant desert landscape when suddenly something rather large flies upwards past the view of the camera, and a moment later something else darts up in a zig-zagging pattern and then darts back down again.

“Chinese officials claim that the nature of the incident is still being investigated, and that the details are too sensitive to release at this time. However, one young, Chinese astronomer saw the thing flying back up into the sky and tracked it with his telescope. He claims to have, after following the thing, with some difficulty, to the moon that he was able to capture the following on video.”

*In a nearly bird’s-eye view of the surface of the moon, at a point where the difference between the light and dark sides can be seen in frame, the video shows a large space shuttle moving away from a large crater where four large figures can be seen—all of them looking very much like the Giant Monster caught on film 13 years prior. The telescope does not seem to be powerful enough to catch the closer details, but it is apparent that several much smaller figures, the size of humans, are doing battle with three of the beasts—the forth of which lies limp on the ground.

The battle is a little difficult to follow despite a constant stream of lasers from at least one of the humans. Still, he is able to catch at one point one of the monsters causing a veritable tidal-wave of dirt, dust, and sand that looks as though it should nearly have buried all of the humans. After a bit more, finally one of the beasts falls followed shortly by one beginning to thrash about oddly, then suddenly launching itself off the surface of the moon and out of frame. A couple of moments later the one remaining on the surface of the moon is finally defeated.*

“The video continues, but out of respect for possibly sensitive information we are withholding showing it until proper authorities can be contacted.”


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