(NOTE: The up-comming summer game will take place in the year 2023.)

So called “Magi-Tech” is a new field of technological development that seeks to combine electronic and mechanical technology with magical energies. The break-through discovery that pioneered this field was made by Dr. Batini P.H.D. an electrical engineer, theoretical physicist, and practitioner and student of the arcane. Though he used the development for very ill-sought ends, he has gone down in text books as the man responsible for revolutionizing technology as we know it.

Nearly every modern piece of technology is produced now in two versions, one mundane and the other magi-tech. The magi-tech is much more expensive but is always a much higher quality product.

Innovations in the 11 years since magi-tech began to develop in the private sector:
1 – Hand-held devices that do not require batteries. These devices still operate electronically and are effected by such things as electromagnetic fields, but they operate so efficiently that the circuitry will harden and snap before their original batteries are depleted.

2 – Light bulbs that take four times longer to go bad.

3 – Recycling technology for most common materials that, though expensive to implement, produces a nearly 100% efficiency rate in its input/output ratios. (Note: Very few of these recycling plants exist yet.)

4 – Flying Cars. However, car-sized vehicles capable of flight have been outlawed for public sale in every developed country in the world. Buying one is incredibly difficult for the private citizen, and the only models produced legally – all of which are produced in Italy – are produced as emergency vehicles. All ambulances fly.

5 – Highly intelligent robots. In December of 2022 a team of robotics experts at MIT working in conjunction with several PHD students in the Arcane Studies program published an article regarding their production a robotic A.I. indistinguishable in intelligence from that of a five year old human child. However, the A.I. was incapable of learning beyond that point of understanding without unusual methods.

Social Developments due to Magi Tech:
Since the magi tech industry began growing so quickly, universities around the country have been rushing to hire “magic experts” to serve as professors in fields such as “Magical Technology” and “Arcane Studies”, the difference between the two being roughly equivalent to the difference between a degree in Information Technology and Computer Science. It has been a topic of much debate in the past decade what exactly should constitute an appropriate curriculum for a BA, MA, and PHD in the field despite a rather swift declaration by the American University Accreditation Council in 2014. The council’s curriculum was arranged with the consultation of Lance, who had already been awarded in 2013 an honorary PHD in Arcane Studies by Georgetown University despite their lack of a program on the subject.


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