A secret organization funded by the United Nations to police world-wide super-human activity. This organization’s activities are so secretive that agents are secured official positions within other clandestine or military organizations around the world as authoritative cover identities.

The U.N.M.D. was founded by representatives from the United States, Great Britain, and Israel in July of 2010 as a reaction to a crisis situation that unfolded in Russia and the U.S., and has successfully operated in total secrecy for thirteen years since.

Census data collected around the world and compiled by the UNMD has shown an enormous increase in super-human populations in major cities around the world. The three most prominent of these are New York City, Mexico City, and Tokyo, where super-humans making up 1%, .78%, and .67% of their respective populations. As of December 2022, the UNMD has informed all of its field operatives that these are “Emergency Response Zones” where agents may be deployed suddenly in states of emergency—which deviates from their usual intelligence and counter-terrorism types of operations.

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